How it works

Aussie of the Month is easy to implement in your school. Once you have signed up and selected your school coordinator, you will receive your free recipient kits. Then each month you follow a four-stage process as follows:



Teachers and students can nominate the monthly recipient from their class using the downloaded nomination form. We recommend this is done mid-month for an end of month assembly.


The nominated Aussie of the Month Coordinator collects the nominations and shortlists for the selection. The selection process is flexible with ideas including the Principal making the selection, letting the Year 6 Leadership students select as part of their leadership duties, or a committee of parents, teachers or members from the community forming a monthly selection panel. It's up to the school to decide what works for you.


Once a month at the regular assembly, the Aussie of the Month is presented. Be sure to send home with the student a notification form so that family and friends can arrange to be at the assembly. The students receive their certificates, stationery gift and lapel badge and have their photo taken. 


Schools are offered the opportunity to request for the State’s Local Hero or Young Australian of the Year to come along and help present the award. Participating schools agree to provide videos and photos to us to share in our Gallery to showcase our Aussies of the Month.  All participating schools are encouraged to share and promote via your own social media, website and school newsletters.