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Local Hero Suzy Urbaniak publishes new book for kids

Aussie of the Month supporter and 2020 WA Local Hero, Suzy Urbaniak, has published a new biography for kids, 'Suzy Urbaniak: Volcano Hunter and STEAM Warrior'.

Suzy with new book for kids_edited.jpg

As a geoscientist and champion of science education, Suzy hopes that her new book will encourage more students to consider geoscience education. In the book, she shares stories from her childhood as a volcano-hunter, crepe-baker, risk-taker and question-asker.

'Suzy Urbaniak: Volcano Hunter and STEAM Warrior' is available in bookshops and online. Order now from to get 10% off!

Do you want to screen a special message from Suzy for your students at your assembly? Register here for virtual visits from Australian of the Year Awards Alumni!

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