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Program Principles

Aussie of the Month is delivered by the same network that presents the highly regarded
Australian of the Year Awards, which profile leading citizens who are role models for us all, who inspire us through their achievements and community participation, and challenge us to make our own contribution to making Australia better for all.  


Aussie of the Month is based on similar principles encouraging and recognising students for their participation and contribution to the school community. 


Many schools have successfully integrated Aussie of the Month into their delivery of the civics and citizenship curriculum by using the program to generate discussion about Australian Values, the Australian of the Year Awards, civic participation, role models and leadership, diversity and inclusion and many other citizenship subject areas.

Key Values


Same opportunity for all people and having a go


Generosity of spirit and compassion for those in need


For self, for others, our way of life and the environment


Acceptance of difference, feeling of belonging

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