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Selecting Your Committee


The people who will decide which student is your school's Aussie of the Month are an important part of the process. Involving different members and associates of the school can be beneficial to ensure good governance, diversity and a consistent high standard of recipients. Who will be on your committee?

Your Principal or Deputy Principal

They don't need to have the final say, but including your principal or deputy ensures they are aware of the great students in their school.

P&C Association Member

Increase cooperation and involvement from parents and citizens to add even more of a community feel to the awards program.

School Captain(s)

Reward your top student(s) with the responsibility of decision-making and the experience of democracy.

Staff Member (non-classroom)

Include a member of staff who isn't confined to the classroom and sees a different side to the students, such as canteen staff or the school administrator.

You could even have your committee made up completely of students!

  • Part of the civics and citizenship curriculum

  • Experience the democratic process

  • The proud feeling from being given the responsibility

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