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Thank you for participating in the Sticking Together competition run by Aussie of the Month and Pilot Pen!

The Pilot Pen Classroom pack contains:

  • 5 x Mini & 1x Desktop Safety dispenser

  • 16 x Sellotape Invisible tape rolls

  • 30 x Frixion Erasable pens with refills

  • 30 x Mechanical pencils with refills

  • 72 x Pintor paint markers

  • 30 x Frixion Erasable colour markers

  • 30 x Frixion Erasable highlighting markers

  • 24 x B2P Recycled Plastic ballpoint pens

  • 6 x Whiteboard markers in a magnetic holder


Entries open 11am AEST Monday 24th July 2023 and close 7pm AEST Friday 22nd September 2023. Schools must be registered with Aussie of the Month to enter. New schools can register for free at Judging will be final and successful entries will be notified by email on Monday 23rd October. The successful entries (school name, year and teacher surname) will be posted on the Aussie of the Month website by Friday 27th October 2023.


Please email us at if you have any questions.

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