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I think it is a great initiative and the students see this as the premier award to receive at each assembly.

“As one of the first principals in South Australia to implement Aussie of the Month in primary schools, I can already see the benefits of the program. The students have really engaged with Aussie of the Month and like how we’ve linked the program to our school values.  It is wonderful that we can publicly recognise students who demonstrate community spirit in our community, and we know that many students work hard to overcome personal challenges to be eligible for the award. I’d encourage every school to become part of this program.”

Ms Leah Kennewell

Principal, Lenswood Primary School, South Australia

“Thanks for your ongoing support for Curtin Primary School. This program has fallen beautifully in line with our Positive Behaviour Support program and we use this to acknowledge both a junior and senior student each month.”

Ms Roxanne Morine

Curtin Primary School, Western Australia

“This award is an opportunity to recognise positive qualities in a student’s character and those who uphold Australian values. The Department encourages schools to implement this award as it develops a sense of belonging to a community and having a civic responsibility to others.”

Ms Michelle Ostberg

Acting Director for Teaching and Learning Services, Department of Education Western Australia

"It has been easy for us to link the Aussie of the Month Program to our school expectations. We are a Positive Behaviour School (PBS) where students are encouraged to Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Your Best. These expectations are echoed through the language used for our Aussie of the Month awards.  Our students wait expectantly at each Assembly to see who the recipient will be. They show a genuine delight when the winner is announced, particularly if it is one of their friends.  This Program is integral in our encouragement and recognition of excellent behaviour and attitudes."

Ms Di O'Rourke

Assistant Principal/Learning and Teaching, St Cuthbert's Catholic School, Tasmania

“Thank you for extending this program to the Tasmanian schools!!! Our students have valued the recognition they have received in past programs, and it provides great excitement amongst them. Thanks again!!!”

Ms Deb French

Penguin District School, Tasmania

“This program has enabled the school to have a focus teaching value each month. We celebrate the children's successes in learning this value with a junior and senior school award recipient.”

Ms Roxanne Morine

Wilson Primary School, Western Australia

“Thank you for the opportunity to recognise our students who display the values we respect in Australia.”

Ms Margaret Keen

Rockingham Beach Education Support Centre, Western Australia

“We have run the program during the second half of this year, and it has been exceptionally well received by the whole school community.”

Ms Jane Duff

Cottesloe Primary School, Western Australia

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