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Youth Week

Youth Week is an opportunity for young people to express their ideas and views, act on issues that affect their lives, and create and enjoy activities/events. The AOTM program is about recognising young Australians, which makes it a great combination with youth week. The AOTM award could be given to a student who displays leadership and involvement in their community.

Activity Options


Have a student or group perform in an assembly. It could be a musical or play portraying a social issue or significant moment in Australian history, or a speech on current affairs affecting young people. This is an opportunity to showcase the talents of young people, and their potential to learn new things while they are young.

Battle of the Bands

Are your students part of a band or do they play any musical instruments? If so, this is a perfect event for your school! Celebrate young students and their skills by holding a school-wide battle of the bands.

Talking Points
  • The importance of our youth, the next generation.

  • The potential for all students to become future leaders.

  • The creativity and innovation of young people. 


There are plenty of tools and ideas from State departments to help your students get involved in Youth Week.  Click below to access them.

Presenting your Aussie of the Month during Youth Week

To celebrate Youth Week, you could invite a former student from your school or an inspiring young person from the local community.

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