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Motivate and inspire your students to think about how they can have a positive impact on the community. Our News and Special Promotions can help you elevate the Aussie of the Month program in your school. 

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Australian of the Year Awards Recipients support primary school kids kicking goals in communities

Australian of the Year Awards Alumni are cheering on primary school students who are being recognised in ‘Aussie of the Month’, a program celebrating community contribution and active citizenship in a similar way to the prestigious Australian of the Year Awards.

Aussie of the Month recognises and celebrates personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to community and reflects the values we share as Australians – such as a fair go, respect and inclusion.

The program is free for primary schools, whereby students and teachers nominate a student each month for their achievements or contributions. At the school’s regular assembly, a selected student is presented with an Aussie of the Month certificate.

Now, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the highly popular Local Hero category of the Australian of the Year Awards, students can also hear from inspiring Local Hero Award recipients at these presentation assemblies.

Through online video presentations, Local Hero Alumni such as Short Back & Sidewalks founder Craig Hollywood, geoscientist Suzy Urbaniak, police officer Erica Gibson, social entrepreneur Juliette Wright and No One Left Behind founder and fundraiser, Rebecca Forrest are congratulating recipients and inspiring students to be active citizens.

As the 2023 school year commences, it is anticipated many schools will be keen to ride the wave of the recently announced 2023 Australian of the Year Awards and join the program to access the Local Hero category recipients. 

In order to support an influx of new schools joining almost 1,400 highly-engaged schools already signed up, it is anticipated the newly offered virtual school visits will become the preference because, no matter where schools are based, or how remote or regional, Australia’s Local Heroes are able to visit all around Australia.

Click here to enquire about Australian of the Year Alumni visits.

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