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National Volunteer Week

Volunteers and the impact they make on Australian society and economy are celebrated every year during National Volunteer Week 20-26 May.

Volunteers save and contribute hundreds of billions of dollars annually to the Australian economy. Not only does volunteering have a positive impact on community, it can provide a sense of belonging and have positive effects on mental health to those who volunteer.

If a pattern of volunteering is established early in life, it can maintain forever, and for many children, school is a key place that can expose them to the benefits of a culture of giving.

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Activity Options

Assign a Classroom Volunteer

For each day of a month, assign a student to be your classroom volunteer and ask them to write an account of all the ways they helped you during the day and the impact this had on them, on you as their teacher, their class and even the whole school. When each student has had their turn, acknowledge their contribution with a celebration!


Discuss with your class how volunteers help individuals, communities and wider Australia. Look at the different types of volunteering, the impact and what would happen if everyone stopped volunteering.


There are plenty of tools and ideas to help your students get involved in National Volunteer Week. Click below to access them.

Presenting your Aussie of the Month during
National Volunteer Week

​To help present the award, you could invite:

  • A local volunteer within your community

  • A representative from a volunteer-run organisation

Play a special video message from a Local Hero recognised for volunteering! See the videos available here.

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