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National Water Week

National Water Week makes a splash right across Australia in the third week of October each year. It inspires individuals, communities and organisations to work together to build community awareness and understanding around water related topics and challenges. National Water Week provides an opportunity to remind ourselves and teach others that access to clean water is hugely important to every aspect of our lives, and we must do our utmost to protect our water environments and resources, use water wisely and respect its importance in our societies.

Activity Options

Classroom Lessons

Stop the leak - Students identify leaking taps at school, suggest actions to stop leaks and handwrite a narrative about a leaking tap.

Classroom Discussion and activity

Students will share all the different ways they use water and discover why it's such a precious resource. Children then draw up their perspective and all drawings are made into a collage and displayed in the classroom.

Talking Points
  • Why is water conservation so important?

  • Do you recycle water in your home?

  • What happens to the water when it goes down

  • What are some ways we can save water each day?


There are plenty of tools and ideas to help your students get involved in National Water Week. Click below to access them.

Presenting your Aussie of the Month during National Water Week

​To help present the award, you could invite:

  • Someone from the local Water Authority

  • A parent who is a plumber to teach the children how to check and repair leaky taps

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